Why do we use Search engine optimization (SEO) ?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the procedure  to  optimize  Onpage/ Offpage for organic  searches on search engine . There are need to be perform many task like meta tags, site map , analytic and linkbuilding etc.. Main task to increase the visibility and increase traffic on site.

Benefits Of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO)  just like investment it take time for top ranking but once search terms comes on top ranking, business start to come online.

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Long-Term Standings

SEO is long term result oriented process , once we get top ranking it will remain for long time.

Beat Your Competitors

Proper optimization can make your website a business leader  you  can beat your competitors.  The website must have white hats links only.  Some companies using black hats technique but this technique is very dangerous for website.

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Importance of picking right domain name for SEO

Its very important to choose right domain name to market the website online. Domain name is support related keyword to comes on ranking quickly.  If your domain name match keywords Google give relevancy bonus to your website.

For sure, if your website for long term, a memorable domain name will be one of the key ingredients to success.

Analytic s

It help to watch the website performance globally, You can see all traffic comes from and can target according your targeting countries. It show daily visitors and where they comes from, whether from social media, classifieds or organic searches.

How can you do Keyword Selection?

There are available many keywords selection tools online.  Pick theme keywords around which you can optimize the various pages of your site. Selection of  phrases is a much better  idea than trying to target individual  words. Phrases are much easier to rank well  and they typically  convert far better than individual words.  Target different pages for different keywords .

Make sure your targeting page must have keywords on its content and  well optimize .

On Page Optimization

On Page optimization is the process of making best meta tags and make sure website work most effective way to rank quicker. Use keywords on title and inside the page content.

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