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When the World Wide Web first became popular, desktop PCs were the only devices from which visitors were expected. Today, that is not the case. Desktop PCs are increasingly being replaced by other devices like tablets, laptops and smartphones. If a website is not designed with the other devices in mind, it might not display well in the different sized devices. Every device has a different screen resolution and hence how a website is rendered across devices depends on the resolution supported by the device. As the technology advances, designers have come up with websites that can automatically adjust according to the resolution of the device on which it is viewed. This kind of auto adjusting design is called responsive design. A website which has been designed by the expert at website design will be responsive for sure.

A responsive website designed by the capable website design agency in Singapore will have no problems in being rendered on a 14 inch laptop or on a 5 inch mobile screen. The answer to the above question is a certain Yes. The number of people who own smartphones is exponentially increasing. And research suggests that around 90% of people who owns smartphone use their mobile devices to browse the internet and to be online. The current trend suggests that this number will continue to increase in the future and mobile internet is where the future lies. Even currently, a huge percentage of traffic to websites originates from mobile devices. If you do not have a compatible website for the mobile devices, a large customer base is being missed out. Let us consider what happens when your website is not designed to be responsive. When a customer opens your website, he or she will be presented with a page that is shrunk to fit the screen size of the mobile.

They have to zoom in and out alternatively on different sections of the page to understand the content in the page. The navigation is quite difficult. Also if it is not designed to be responsive, it might take a huge time to load. A survey has found that 74% of people abandon the website if it does not load within the first five seconds. As a result, you lose the potential customer. Making your website responsive is not a difficult option. It does not cost too much to add the technology to your website. The advantages and benefits you will enjoy will be more than worth the investment. Choose the capable internet marketing agency in Singapore to attain a website responsive.

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